Mediation services in Darwin


There is a misconception that almost all family disputes are resolved through challenging and disruptive court cases. While some matters may go all the way to a hotly contested court case, most family disputes in Australia are settled through mediation.

Bowen Lawyers assists clients in Darwin as they look to resolve any issue related to their relationship or family. Whether you wish to file a restraining order for domestic violence, wish to divorce from your spouse or need help with a child custody agreement, our solicitors have the experience and compassion to help you find a resolution.
Mediation — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Mediation services

Mediation is one of the most useful tools in resolving family law matters. It is a method where both parties sit down with their lawyers and attempt to find an agreement on any matters of dispute.

There is also a mediator present during these proceedings. The mediator is an unbiased third party who has no vested interest in the outcome. They help move the proceedings along so that both parties can reach a deal. Any agreement found during mediation is legally binding.
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Can I skip mediation?

We understand that not every client is in a headspace where they want to negotiate with their ex-partner or spouse amicably. However, children matters that go before family court must go through mediation first. The only time you are exempted is when the situation involves domestic violence, child abuse or another urgent matter.
Bowen Lawyers — Family Law in Darwin, NT

How Bowen Lawyers helps

Bowen Lawyers has your back when it comes to mediation proceedings. When you book an initial consultation, one of our lawyers will listen to your circumstances and inform you about how mediation will work. We go over the process, its confidentiality and how it is beneficial in resolving a dispute.

Our solicitor will push as little or as hard as you wish during negotiations. Some clients prefer to reach a quick and amicable settlement, even if it means giving up some money or property. Others want to fight for what is theirs, even if it means a lengthy mediation and upsetting the other party. Know that your lawyer is on your side—they will proceed as you advise them and is most beneficial to you.
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Leverage mediation to find a suitable agreement

We encourage every client who comes through our doors with a family dispute to leverage mediation to find an appropriate settlement with their ex-partner, spouse or another family member.

Whether we are mediating spousal support, child support, child custody, property divisions or asset divisions, we believe these negotiations are the best way for both parties to get what they want. They are less heated and emotional compared to a court case, while you have a greater say in how the process unfolds.

Most cases that we handle are resolved in mediation to our clients' satisfaction. However, you can trust that if mediation does not work, we will be there to defend your interests in court.