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Bowen Lawyers is a compassionate and experienced law firm that aids clients in matters related to family law, domestic violence, child protection, conveyancing, advance personal plans, powers of attorney, wills and probates and mediation.

We understand the complex nature of the legal system, along with the emotional stress of litigation. This is why our lawyers are known for their knowledge, experience of the local area of some 40 years and their ability to make our clients feel welcome.

If you are concerned about a current or impending legal matter, let Bowen Lawyers help. We will work through documentation and avoid legal jargon to help you understand your case and how we can assist you.
Family Law — Family Law in Darwin, NT
Bowen Lawyers is focused on assisting clients, couples and families in Darwin with all matters related to family law. Whether you wish to come up with a financial agreement before or during your relationship, or after a separation or require mediation to determine parenting arrangements for your ... Read more
Conveyancing — Family Law in Darwin, NT
When you are going through a separation or divorce, there are many issues involving joint property or assets that need resolving. With the help of Bowen Lawyers’ conveyancing services, you can resolve any disputes involving property owned by your spouse, you or both parties.
Mediation — Family Law in Darwin, NT
Not every legal dispute must be resolved in court. Many of our clients prefer the matter settled through negotiations with the other party. Whether you are involved in an insurance, malpractice, negligence, family or property dispute, we can help you enter legally binding mediation proceedings.
Consent Orders — Family Law in Darwin, NT
One of the most challenging aspects of a separation or divorce is deciding on future parenting arrangements for your child/ren (custody arrangements. If you need assistance in this area, the experienced solicitors at Bowen Lawyers can help you enter into a Parenting Plan or parenting Consent ... Read more
Financial Agreements — Family Law in Darwin, NT
If you are about to split from your long-term partner or spouse, it may be prudent to enter into a legally binding financial agreement. Such agreements can resolve issues such as child support, spousal support, distribution of your material/de-facto property and other financial disputes between both parties.
Wills & Estates — Family Law in Darwin, NT
Are you worried about how your family will divide up your wealth when you pass away? Take matters into your hands by creating a will or estate. Our lawyers can help you decide how to bequeath your bank balance, investments and properties in the event of your death with dignity and ensure that ... Read more

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Lawyer — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Why Choose Bowen Lawyers?


Bowen Lawyers is an experienced law firm that offers assistance to clients in the areas of family law, conveyancing, mediation, domestic violence, child protection, advance personal plans, wills and probates/estates. Our compassion, knowledge of the law, a local knowledge gained from a long-term residence in the NT, and work ethic means that we are in the best position to assist you with your legal issue.

If you wish to go through a speedy, comprehensive and dignified experience during a court case, mediation or legal dispute, contact Bowen Lawyers today.