Child consent orders in Darwin


Bowen Lawyers can assist clients in Darwin in negotiating and drawing up consent orders related future parenting arrangements for your children (child custody) and financial agreements. If you are going through a separation or divorce, matters involving the separation of assets and child custody can be very challenging to sort out. Not only do our lawyers help you understand the legal aspects surrounding these issues, but we help you resolve them in a dignified and efficient way.
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Consent orders for child custody

Whether you require mediation to determine future parenting arrangements for your children with your ex-spouse or you have already come to an agreement, a consent order is a way to make the deal legally binding. Consent orders lay out the future care arrangements for the child, minimise the possibility of future disputes and mean that you can enforce the agreement in court if necessary.

Any child custody consent order must be approved by Family Court, which means that it must be in the best interests of the child or children. Bowen Lawyers can help you negotiate, write up and finalise such an agreement.
We have years of experience with child custody cases, which is why we are in the best position to advise you on how to move forward. If you recently split from your spouse or are contemplating divorce, we can explain how child custody is negotiated and begin the process of drawing up a custody consent order for you.
Consent Orders — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Consent orders for property or financial agreements

The negotiation of property or financial settlements with your ex-spouse or partner can be a challenging experience. Whether you have reached an agreement on your own or require mediation, Bowen Lawyers can help you formalise said agreement with a consent order.

Writing out and certifying a consent order for property matters is useful because it allows you to finalise your financial relationship once and for all. It also ensures you do not have to pay stamp duty on transferring property, while it provides a framework for sorting out future property or financial disputes between the two parties.
Family Court must approve any consent order regarding property transfer. Both parties must also approve the agreement, while the Court will consider whether it is just, equitable and reasonable.

If you have matters involving joint finances or property that you would prefer to resolve amicably and quickly, Bowen Lawyers can help. Our solicitor will go over documents and your information to determine your rights, inform you about what percentage you can demand within your entitlement right, and help you write up and finalise the legally binding consent order.