Family law services in Darwin


The team at Bowen Lawyers serves clients in Darwin on all matters related to family law. We understand the emotional and legal difficulties associated with a separation or divorce. Whether you are ending a one-year or ten-year relationship, many legal matters may need resolving before you can make a clean break from each other.

Our divorce solicitors are here to help you with any family law issue that pertains to your circumstances. Whether you need guidance on future parenting arrangements for your child/ren (custody), spousal support, property settlement, domestic violence or filing for divorce, we are ready to help.

The legal services offered by Bowen Lawyers include:
  • Parenting Plans or Parenting Orders (Child custody issues)
  • Property settlements
  • Domestic violence
  • Filing for divorce
  • Financial agreements
  • Spousal & child support
Child Custody — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Child custody

Resolve matters about child custody in a dignified, civil and legally binding manner with the help of our lawyers. Whether you are seeking full-time or part-time custody of your child, our solicitors are ready to represent your interests during mediation or a court case.
Property Settlements — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Property settlements

If you have shared property with your partner or spouse, a divorce or separation can mean having to resolve matters of ownership. When you provide our lawyers with the relevant documents, we can assess your legal claim to those properties.
Divorce Filings — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Divorce filings

If you have decided to file for divorce, our lawyers can guide you through the process and fill out and file in court the relevant paperwork on your behalf. Clients who want information on what divorce entails, but are not ready to take that step, are still welcome to seek our guidance.
Financial Agreements — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Financial agreements

Our attorneys can help clients enter into financial agreements with their ex-partners or spouses. These agreements can pertain to spousal support, child support, dividing property or splitting the bank balance of the couple.
Child Support — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Spousal & child support

If you are ending a relationship or marriage, but you rely on your partner to cover your expenses, you may be eligible for spousal support. Our attorneys can assist you in entering into mediation with your former spouse about the matter, or we can file a court case on your behalf.

We also specialise in child support, which is a legally binding sum of money that one partner must pay to the other to cover the expenses associated with raising your child. In most cases, child support is paid to the parent who has a majority of the care of the child.