Family financial agreements in Darwin


Bowen Lawyers is ready and willing to assist clients in Darwin as they create financial agreements involving upcoming, current or past relationships.

Whether you wish to enter into a prenuptial agreement, or you want to create a binding financial agreement during your relationship or following your separation, our solicitors are best positioned to help you.

Our services are affordable, thorough and compassionate. You will have a direct line to your solicitor as you work through the process. We assist clients in mediating these agreements, writing them up and finalising them with Family Court.
Prenuptial Agreements — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) entered in contemplation of marriage/de facto relationship (Prenuptial Agreements)

A prenup or prenuptial agreement is a legally binding document that protects the assets of an individual as they enter into a relationship or marriage. If you have significant property, investments or money in a bank account, you may want to protect those assets before you formalise your relationship with your partner.

Prenups are most common when there is a disparity between the wealth or employment circumstances of the two individuals. For instance, one party may have significantly more assets entering into the relationship, which they wish to protect.
Bowen Lawyers can help you mediate a prenup with your partner and their lawyer, while we can also formalise an agreement you have already reached. Your solicitor will read over any documents you present, explaining whether they are legally acceptable and if signing the document is in your best interests.
Binding Financial — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Binding financial agreements entered during a relationship or after separation

You can enter into a legally binding financial agreement with your partner/spouse during your relationship or after separation. If you are separating or divorcing from an ex-spouse or partner, a binding financial agreement helps outline how you are splitting the assets that you both own.

These agreements take into account the assets both parties brought into the relationship, how many assets each of them earned while they were together, currently owned assets and any other relevant circumstances.

Binding financial agreements also take into account factors such as child support, future parenting arrangements for your children/child custody, spousal support and prenuptial agreements. The solicitors use all these details at Bowen Lawyers, and the other party’s lawyers, to negotiate an agreement that works for both parties.

We can help you come up with and finalise a binding financial agreement that gives you ownership over the assets that are rightfully yours. Our lawyers can be as amicable or confrontational as you wish, depending on whether you wish to reach a quick agreement or gain control over as many assets as possible.

If you require the help of a lawyer related to a prenuptial or post-relationship binding financial agreement, we hope that you will call Bowen Lawyers in Darwin today.