Conveyancing services in Darwin


Bowen Lawyers is an experienced Darwin law firm that assists clients on matters related to property transactions. We can advise you on conveyancing matters related to property that you own; your spouse owns or the two of you co-own.

Our lawyers can determine how much property you should receive in the event of a divorce or separation and how you can go about obtaining that property or its financial value. We will sit down with you, learn about your circumstances, go over your property documents and inform you about the best way to reach a property settlement with your ex-partner or spouse.
Property Settlement — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Property settlement cases

Property settlement services are vital because you could use the help of a lawyer to inform you about your legal rights related to those properties. Many people do not know that if their partner buys property when they are in a relationship or married, they have a legal right to some aspect of that property or its financial value.

Our lawyers can perform an investigation into your individual or shared properties, or property that your ex-spouse owns. These checks help us determine your legal right to a particular property, along with its value. Then we are in a better position to advise you about the next steps that you can take.
Finalising Property — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Finalising property settlements

When two people enter into a property settlement after separation or divorce, it is done through a consent order or a binding financial agreement. We can write up, negotiate and finalise these agreements on your behalf.

Given Australia does not have a simple 50-50 divorce asset splitting law, there are four steps that we must go through to split assets. These steps include:

- Identifying the value of the total properties & assets
- Determining how much each party contributed to those assets as per section 79(4) of the Family Law Act 1975
- Assessing the needs & circumstances of each party as per section 75(2) of the Act
- Proposing & finalising a legally binding, fair settlement
Many clients avoid hiring an lawyer to negotiate these deals with their ex-spouse, as they do not want to appear confrontational. We advise against such a plan, as it will only put you on the backfoot in negotiations.

Even if you wish to find a dignified and amicable solution to any joint property or bank accounts, having a lawyer on your side is imperative. We can advise you on every step of the process while ensuring any agreement you sign is in your best interests.

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