Wills & probates/estates services in Darwin


Knowing what will happen to your assets when you die can provide you with peace of mind. If you have significant money in a bank account, investments or tied up in property, you will want to know that said assets are going towards individuals, groups or causes that you determine worthy.

Bowen Lawyers understands the personal and delicate nature of creating a will or estate. It is a challenging process, as no one likes to think about the event of their passing. But it is one of those hurdles that when crossed, will take a weight off your shoulders. Our attorneys are here to help make that happen. We provide a full range of legal services related to wills and probates/estates.
Estate Planning — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Estate planning

The process of estate planning involves determining what happens to assets that you own, such as bank accounts, investments, property and life insurance policies. Our solicitors can help you understand the legal process involved in creating an estate, along with filing the relevant paperwork on your behalf.

We are happy to create a will or estate that is as simple or complex as you desire. Many clients prefer a simple will, where they write out the names of assets and the people who will be inheriting them. We can put together a standard or advanced will, testamentary trusts or any other document that puts your mind at ease regarding your estate.
Estates — Family Law in Darwin, NT

Planning the days after your passing

If you wish to take a significant burden off your family or loved ones, you can make arrangements for how your death is handled. Many of our clients make decisions regarding their funerals, such as buying a plot of land and headstone and putting aside money or taking out a funeral insurance for the funeral and memorial.

When you pass away, one of our solicitors will contact your next of kin informing them about your plan. Everything else proceeds seamlessly, as you have already paid for the appropriate ceremonies and events.

If you wish to engage in estate planning, get in touch with Bowen Lawyers today. We can help you resolve matters such as bequeathing assets, determining who makes health decisions when you are sick (Advance Personal Plan or Power of Attorney) and funeral planning.